COMPASS – Cooperative Design Spaces Next Generation Internet-of-Things Solutions

The Internet of Things is driven by technological opportunism, characterized by the promise of ubiquitous connectivity. Creating meaningful technology for people within this opportunity space is a major challenge. While some applications have succeeded in creating value for people, businesses and society, many others are reminders that not everything that can be done, need or should be done. This project aims to explore how to develop a guiding COMPASS with which the vast opportunity space of IoT can be navigated with a view to create applications that are valuable, meaningful, empowering and trustworthy, maximize their utility and reflect responsible innovation. Such a compass is a tool for business to create such technology, for policy makers to provide the appropriate legislative environment in which this can happen and for research to identify existing knowledge gaps and define future research agendas accordingly. More…

The COMPASS project is partially funded by the “ICT of the Future” Program of the FFG and the BMVIT.